Welcome to the USAPT Online System

The Universal Supports Assessment and Planning Tool (USAPT) was developed through the START Project as a way for building teams to self-assess the universal supports established at a building level for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The USAPT was designed to measure two main areas of support within school buildings for students with ASD: 1) Foundational supports, that establish guiding principles, a team process, and family engagement, and 2) specific strategies to help students with ASD function independently and develop socially and academically. This online tool will help you gather assessments from the building coach and team members, identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, and set priorities for the upcoming school year. 

UPDATE SEPT 2019: 2019-2020 USAPT assessments are open to entering building level information.  The 2018-2019 assessments will be available until Sept 30, 2019.

    If you have questions regarding the process, registration, or assigning buildings, please e-mail Stacie Rulison at stacie.rulison@gmail.com.

  • Approved users log in on this page.
  • New coaches, principals, or ISD staff members can request access by clicking Register at the top of the page and completing the form. An e-mail with instructions will be sent once the request is approved.
  • Team members DO NOT register on this page.  The building coach will create an account for the team member, then an e-mail with instructions will be sent explaining next steps.
  • UPDATE10/18
    • If you are planning to start a survey and enter data in USAPT you will need to register as a Coach. 
    • Please do not register as both an ISD Administrator and Coach role with the same e-mail address as the survey will not allow you to enter building level data if you are registered as both roles. 
    • If you need the ISD Administrator role to view data at an ISD level AND to enter building data, you can create a second registration using a personal or alternate e-mail address to register for a second role. 
    • As you go through the registration process as a Coach, you will be able to select the building for entering your data.
    • Once you enter data as a Coach, make sure you Publish your survey. You will then be allowed to enter data on behalf of the team or assign team members.
    • Once all data is entered by you as the Coach, by team members, or you entering data on behalf of team members, make sure you complete the last step of Resolving Discrepancies. Your data will only show in the reporting if you have completed this step.
    • If you have already registered under one e-mail address as an ISD Administrator and Coach, or have any issues using USAPT, please contact Stacie Rulison at stacie.rulison@gmail.com and she will help you resolve any data entry issues.


For system issues or questions, complete the online form and submit at: USAPT Online Issues and Questions Form.  A START USAPT Administrator will follow up with users who submit questions or issues. To view or download a USAPT Overview Guide or USAPT User Guide, go to the START USAPT Page.